Marble, granite and limestone
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Limestone is white sedimentary rock composed primarily of calcium carbonate. By origin limestone can be hemogenni (precipitated chemically), biogenic (built mainly from the remains of organisms - phytoplankton and zooplankton, shells, skeletal particles, etc.) And clastic (preotlozheni pieces made of limestone).
 There are several types of limestone - a simple, shell and chalk. Ordinary lime is used as a construction material and for the preparation of lime and cement. The shell limestone is so called because it still visible shells of different animals. It is very beautiful and is used for cladding of buildings, fountains and more. Chalk is very soft (soft limestone) and it is made chalk.Limestone is one of the most widely used in the construction rocks. In addition naturally, limestone is used for the industrial manufacture of lime, carbon dioxide, calcined soda. Add in the production of iron ore by acid.Water with high calcium content (such as in northeastern Bulgaria) are called hard. During the heating of such water to temperatures above 50 DEG C, the limestone is deposited on the water-bearing parts. These deposits are known as "scum" or "scale".

Marble is a metamorphic rock made of calcite and dolomite (the latter are called dolomitic marbles). Coloration varies from pure white to all shades of colors. The marble rocks are formed by metamorphism of limestone and dolomite.
Marble is very versatile: in bits - tiling, mosaics, production of cement and lime; sculpture, refractory, glass and metallurgical industries.
In Bulgaria marble mined in the mountains of Rila, the Rhodopes, Strandja, Pirin and Berkovska.

  Granite is one of the most common igneous rocks in nature. It accounts for 95% of the volume of all the intrusive rocks. It contains quartz, orthoclase, biotite and other minerals.Depending on the size of the mineral grains that make up the rock, granite can be edro-, medium, or fine-grained. It has even grainy texture or porphyry.There are different varieties of granite: dvuslyuden, biotite, amphibole, avgitov, alyaskit and others.Granite is the most dense and hard rock, also has low water absorption and high resistance to cold. It is therefore suitable for indoor and outdoor use, for making and tiling of walls, floors, stairs, columns and more.

Other natural materials such as basalt, sandstone, etc. will have the pleasure to introduce to you at a later stage of our work