Marble, granite and limestone
Welcome to the world of rocks ...
Photo: Francesco .C

Of Edvard

Hand chisel and methodically
knocking ideal. Becomes boring.
This is a tough habit - to stone.
And slow, difficult feat - to love.


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The main activity of "Stones Rumo" Ltd. is processing of rock cladding materials. The company manufactures and assembles marble, granite and limestone, including: tombstones, sculptures, fountains, fireplaces, benches, tables and any other products of marble, granite and limestone. Working with Bulgarian and imported material.

Constantly keep in stock various models of monuments, mosaics, marble and granite, as our goal is to continuously enrich and add new models offered.The company has its own transport and skilled installation team.

If you want to realize your own project, simply present your sketch or a photo and we'll start working on it.
To each client approach with care and respect, and strive to fulfill each contract awarded quality and on time.


Captured moment of time, sealed in exquisite work.

Masterfully constructed stone figure makes her contemplate and admire every curve. Magic can be human hands.

The original fire

    Nature is generous and has given us part of the sun. Yes, fire is about. Blessed with knowledge of the people still in very early times to be able to enjoy it. Did you know that even the most ancient creatures on our Bulgarian lands (New Stone Age, 7 in. Ex. Ch.) Enjoyed the homes with outbreaks? Probably the latter were quite simple, but the fire, I guess he felt just as comfortable as in the marble fireplace someone Louis.
    It is wonderful when a home can have it - but the real fire in a real fireplace, and no one from dummy-image fireplace with remote and adjustable degree of flame.


Fountains bring freshness, tranquility and a special feeling for the soul.

They make you slow down, invited you to rest.Slow down, do not rush, let the pleasant sound of water can make you relax.

he will remain as a mark of our homage to the soul of our fellow man
irretrievably departed from this earth, but not from our thoughts.

Sits on a stone bench and I want to be forever in May Earth, lush green is a veritable Garden of Eden. Wonderful! I feel the coolness of the marble. I imagine that only two months after the bench will be collected much summer heat and just not think that sitting on the stone. And is not it May, and I feel like in heaven, I continue to think about its inhabitants, for Adam and Eve and heavenly life. Where there was this Paradise? It would be sufficient for all of us today if Adam and Eve had left in him? We say that good people go to heaven. Interestingly Heaven in the afterlife? Adam and Eve in the afterlife you lived or Eva's Paradise after sin is "locked" for mere mortals, that their days are? ...
Wonderful bench! What thoughts only. For a moment, take me away ...
Pots for the garden
In the courtyard, the park or to the strict building with offices, a pot of flowers will always lead to at least a smile or positive thought.